About Us

Our Experience


Born from a dark day in my parenting came one of the most innovative, creative ways to parent!  What if we could dramatically improve the chances of our children finding their passion young?  What if we could give them the skills of an entrepreneur, and they could learn to fund their dreams themselves?  How bright would their future be????

And Daddy Tae was born!

Our Approach


Daddy Tae's guiding principle is for those that want to learn we will help you Find, Fund, and Follow your passion.  The net result is a child that is ready to be a successful adult no matter what the world throws at them!

Why Us?


Whether a child wants to be a business owner or not, it's a valuable skill set to have.  What if your child could already have a dream and know how to fund it.  Imagine a "starving artist" that will never starve!